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Humanity For Gaza

During a time where the unimaginable is happening, it is imperative humanity unites to keep Gaza alive. This project works directly with those in Gaza in providing funds to individuals on the ground to purchase and distribute desperately needed aid. The genocide taking place in Gaza has barricaded the Palestinian people in what is deemed to be the world’s largest concentration camp. As we watch the horrors daily of the unprecedented bombing of civilians and the destruction of all civilian infrastructure, most of Gaza has now become uninhabitable. With aid trucks being blocked from entering, NGO organizations such as UNRWA are unable to provide desperately needed humanitarian aid. The lack of supply has created an astronomical surge in costs for basics such as rice, canned vegetables, flour, medicine, and basic sheltering such as tents. It is our mission to defeat the obstacles created by these blockades by providing those in Gaza direct support in the purchasing of what is available. We have successfully been able to help families in need through this method and we continue to look for avenues to grow our reach in supporting more families through this initiative.


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