The Vitality Project

Bringing communities together to support those in need


Our mission is to bring communities together in supporting those in need during times of war and crisis with a focus on alleviating human suffering of vulnerable populations who are facing catastrophic conditions. We are committed to working with local community groups on the ground to provide urgent humanitarian needs such as food, medicine, and shelter. We strive to empower and support these communities during times of crisis with long-term goals of rebuilding a better and more prosperous future. We believe in humanity first where all beings have the inherited right to live a life with dignity, equality and liberation from oppression.

The Peace Lily

Even through times of darkness, the Peace Lily can thrive and grow. With limited light it still continues to blossom. The white petals, like the white flag, signifies the right of the innocent to seek safety and protection. We are committed like the Peace Lily to still bloom through times of darkness and provide hope for the future.

Our Current Projects


  1. Humanity for Gaza Banquet Dinner & Fundraiser

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    • Doors at
    • Dinner at
    Chateau Louis Hotel & Conference Centre
    11429 117St NW, Edmonton AB
    Humanity for Gaza Banquet and Dinner Event Information


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